Workshop Overview

  • Số buổi học: 6 buổi + hỗ trợ online

  • Tổng phí: VND 700,000 (Giảm giá cho các workshops đầu tiên, giá dự kiến sau này là VND 1,8000,000)

  • Địa điểm học: Quận Bình Thạnh

  • Thời gian: 9AM-11AM (T7 -CN)

  • Số học sinh: 10-12 học sinh/lớp


Course Outline

All You Need to Know

Welcome to the workshop

  • Introduction about the workshop

  • Introduction about the academic environment & expectation

  • Introducing and giving advice about trending subjects and careers.

  • Advice and experience of studying abroad.

Assignment introduction

  • Introducing and explaining about assignments in university.

  • Choosing and analyzing and researching problem-based issues.

  • Critical thinking introduction

  • Writing: Writing clearly and concisely

Writing: Effectively integrating evidence into professional and academic writing

  • Writing: Paraphrasing and summarizing

  • Researching: Using online databases

  • Writing: Referencing and integrating sourcesInfluencing audiences through professional presentations

Writing: Common market research models introduction

  • SWOT analysis

  • PESTEL analysis

  • Porter’s Five Forces model

  • Guidance on writing the first assignment and presentation.

In-class presentation

  • Each student will give a 5-7 minutes’ presentation.

  • Feedback on the presentation and the written assignment.

Final workshop

  • Written assignment submission.

  • Final talks about how to success at university.

  • Q&A sections.

Online support

  • Online support for students in their first semester.

  • Online support includes providing ideas or feedbacks for their assignments.

  • Explaining theories or concepts that students struggle to understand in class (Available only for students major in Business, Management, Accounting, Finance, Business Information, and Logistic Management).


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